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New Endorsement

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    14 Feb 2016

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!! And in the spirit of the occasion, I'd like to send some love to my newest endorsers, Porter And Davies Thrones (what I'm calling "Thump Thrones"). Not only do you get a very comfortable place to sit while drumming (or whatever you'd need it for) BUT you get a kick in the butt (pun partially intended) while you're playing. The line from the kick drum mic goes directly into a "thumpifyer" that's built into the seat itself, thus giving you an extra push that you can't get from stage monitors nor in-ears. This invention gives drummers a much needed leg up on approaching your bass drum playing simply by drumming your "foundation". There are other companies that try to do the same thing but Porter And Davies reign supreme in the area. Come by my endorsement page to check them out further and to link to their site. Much love, P and D.


2016 Begins

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    18 Jan 2016

We're just now into 2016 and already the cup runneth over (thankfully). In short, composing the score for the upcoming full length feature film from Chile entitled "Zohe". Supposed to be completed by March. A BEAUTIFUL CURSE is about to release it's first e.v.p. (they've been going on some "ghosthunting" expeditions lately and want to release their findings on a monthly basis for 2016). Let's see, oh, just posted a new song that I drummed on called "Here And Gone" by Lion Drome. Check out the various players on the site. Lastly, check out the events page for new added shows coming up. I think that's it for the time being. More news coming soon.


New Website!

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    4 Oct 2015

Hey everybody. Again, I apologize for taking an eternity for updating this site but as you can see, the site itself has been updated (big huge thank you to Todd Lee for all of the site re-creation work and patience). To say that there isn't anything to update you all on is a huge understatement but rather than re-hash the past, I'd rather fill you in as new stuff comes along from this point onward, is that cool? For now, things are (fortunately) starting to get busy again and hopefully there will be a number of updates in this new format for me to fall behind on (wink).


On the 2015 MITS Tour

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    16 Mar 2015

Nationally, this series of events is called "Music In Our Schools" but for some reason, we here at the 82nd Airborne Division call it MITS (Music In The Schools). In any case, for the next two months, I will be drumming (and doing some background vocals) for the 82D Airborne Division Band's MITS Tour 2015. The tour consists of a group of us band folks performing about a 45 minute show of singing, dancing, and performing mostly Top-40 music for school children around the Fayetteville, NC area (to include Raleigh, NC and the Army School of Music in Virginia Beach, VA). We play a few high schools and a few more junior high schools but most of our tour stops (obviously with the exception of the Army School Of Music) is for elementary schools, a number of those children have never seen a musical instrument in real life before, and for a larger number of them, this may be their very first concert ever. As daunting as it may sound, it's sincerely a huge honor to be able to do this tour and it's so amazing to see the children's faces as we perform. Really heartwarming and extremely rewardings

With that being said, we're just now beginning week three of the tour and have close to 40 shows left to do (we'll be touring until the end of April). Check out my events page here to see the full tour schedule.


In The Movies

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    6 Dec 2014

So first, HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!! There are a lot of holidays going on around this time, all based on a number of different religions, practices, etc. To all of you, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, be safe, be happy, and enjoy!

Second, wanted to let you know about a number of movie opportunities that are happening musically speaking. A BEAUTIFUL CURSE's song "Ashes" was featured in a scene for a horror movie called An American Terror and as of recently, the movie has become available to the public via iTunes, VUDU, and Google Play. In other words, now the general public can see the movie and hear "Ashes" in the relative safety of your homes (if you wish). Check it out.

Also, the writing has begun for a feature film from Chile currently in production called Zohe. I've been commissioned to write a number of instrumental emotion tracks for the movie PLUS, A BEAUTIFUL CURSE has been commissioned to contribute a movie exclusive theme song as well. Since the composing has just started there isn't much more to tell so far.

And if those bits of news aren't enough, I just became an endorsee of JH Audio In-Ear Monitors. Hopefully by mid-January I'll have my customs ready and I'll be sure to share a photo or two of them with ya.

There we go for now. Take care and again, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


...Been a while

...and not because of laziness either. This time it's legit. Dude's been busy the past however long it's been. Seriously. In the end though, I do have some stuff to fill you in on the past and on the very near future. First, A BEAUTIFUL CURSE released two of the three scheduled releases, first there was SALVATION, followed not too long ago by TENSION. Through all of that, we released a bunch of ABC merch too. Additionally, I moved to North Carolina and been playing around town a bit (although not as much as I'd like but, as rastas say, "...soon come...".

As for the near future, I've been commissioned to write a bunch of instrumental music for a full-length feature film from Chile called ZOHE plus a brand new, movie-exclusive ABC track. The movie is still in production but the producer is talking about it being released by Thanksgiving 2015. ALSO, I'm writing/recording music for the third ABC EP whose short title is "...PAIN". More to come about that.

Put all of that stuff together, trying to gig more, and slowly putting together a firm live A BEAUTIFUL CURSE band together and we're talking a busy upcoming year as well. No matter as these are blessed problems to have. This kid is very happy with music life right now. In any case, stay tuned for more (and more frequent) news, cool? Take care, everybody.

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