The Outsider

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    Producer · Songwriter · Audio Mixer · Editor

    The Outsider is a producer/songwriter/audio mixer and editor. His experience ranges from demo production and mixing (Elizabeth Rose, Suffer Structure, Rocc Rizz, etc.) to full album releases (A Beautiful Curse, Stranger Neighbor, and more) to advertising music clips for websites such as ABA, as well as international television advertisements (NBC News, the BBC, History Channel, U.S. Army, Animal Planet, etc.).

    The Outsider provides his experience in the music and song/album production world and points artists in directions to get their vision heard the best way possible, harnessing technology and physical abilities to help create the audio that the artist wants to convey. He participates in an artist’s recordings and mixing with an open mind, an open heart, while maintaining a focus on the artist’s “big picture”. It takes an organized and professional artist to create within a timely manner but The Outsider is one of the artists suited to do just that for any artist, regardless of “genre”. Name your musical goal and The Outsider will help you get there.

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